i thought it said homestuck

what’s the difference

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Lmfao the strange part of YouTube

The only satanic ritual here is that they forgot to capitalize a.

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Heichou? I think you mean Geichou~

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oh man they’re all so fun to doodle

Nice skin.


…underwater sex

Burglar ladies



And there’s Mizutani for ya!


Abe and Izumi, episode 25

I know this is an Izumi post but isn’t Abe just so perf.




That was my reaction too… ♥

look how good Asa’s artwork has gotten.

Holy Jesus

By 駄堅

I love how all the expressions are so expertly done.

By 駄堅

I love how all the expressions are so expertly done.

So, sorry for another update thingy. But I’m going to actually be on here the next two days on and off when I get stressed out from my OCD. My mother doesn’t want me liking anime after this, but sadly enough it’s the only thing that can make me feel calm and is one of the few things to make me happy… so, yeah.

But don’t expect many posts. And thanks for the support guys, it means a lot. Really.

Leaving the anime community

Hey guys.

I’m making this post to tell you all that I’m going to try and break away from anime, or at least become way less addicted to it. It’s become a huge problem. I used it to escape from my (un-known) depression and horrible thoughts and worries, which actually ended up stemming from my OCD. I based my whole life around anime up until about now. Because of this I haven’t been watching anime and barely listening to Vocaloid. Since it’s the only thing that has really made me happy these past few years, I’ve been really depressed, crying every few minutes and  thinking I’m a horrible person even though it’s mainly just my OCD and depression making me think these horrible thoughts.

So I may go on here and there, but it will be very limited. Don’t expect me to post much. If you want to unfollow me because of this, go ahead. But don’t try and convince me to go back, because I want to start living my own life after I get my problems under control. My mind just can’t be occupied always with thoughts about anime. From all the twisted things in it (don’t take offense guys), it’s made my worries and thoughts even worse, and recently I broke because of this. Avoiding problems doesn’t work, I guess.

Once I go on medication I may be able to watch anime, but nothing to the amount that I was. I’m going to miss it terribly, but I must do what I have to do to live a happy life.

Thanks, and I hope you guys lead a happy life as well.

give me this please

give me this please

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Is Chihayafuru a lot like Oofuri or what?